Food and Exercise: A Simple Summary

Food and exercise have a relation of husband and wife, the progeny being the good health! If the quality of one lags behind, the resultant ‘baby’ is not so much of the optimal quality! This is a concept that has been the basis of all the medical and curative alternative medicine branches. In the current times, this is coming across as the basis for not only building a good health but also the maintenance and even curative form of it. Though prevention is for sure better than cure! The food today has taken beating as it never had in the many centuries elapsed. The sheer variety of it is such that a life time is definitely not good enough to taste all of it, even if one thought of so to do so only once. But does that mean we have even more optimum chances of health building? Then why is it that the diseases both in its variety and its intensity, have increased? And the other half – The exercise, Gyms, body building; the craze of the mod-bod kind of trend, wearing the body hugging garments or indulging in acute physical and manual hobbies… it means that exercise is taking the forefront ain’t it? Nopes!

The irony of the current times; Food and Exercise: Pay attention


Every kid on the block knows all about the importance of the important components of the food, that is, of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other such nutrients. But what needs to be instilled is that they are not merely fancy sounding terminologies to be flashed to impress but to be followed in one’s daily nutritional lives. A balanced mix of these ingredients ensures the body’s requirement of proper nutrition for both growth and immune-building traits in a body. This is a reality much to be followed. The dieticians and nutritionist are exclusively trained to impart this knowledge in people and to tell them simple and practical ways to follow a healthy nutrition-based lifestyle. This would ensure the minimum risk of developing many an ailments that happen due o wrong eating habits.

Same is the case of exercise. It is to be charted in the real life, to be lived. As the sedentary lifestyle, thanks to the mobiles and the excessive usage of vehicles like cars and bikes, people have stopped even walking a small distance. This has to be changed. The kids have to encouraged leaving those deadly sets and are shown the door outside, literally- so that they use their body muscles for the overall building of their both physical and mental health. And the elders can set a trend. In fact, the things have already touched a peak, so one sees a reasonable increase in the number of people coming for a morning walk, which is a healthy development.

That Health is wealth can’t be contested whether there is any extent of advancement in the human existence. The basic mantra remains unchanged: Respect your body with good, quality food and some reasonable exercises. It’s an eternal secret to happy healthy living.

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