Games that develops the country image as a sporting effective country

Games are an essential part to develop a good and healthy physique. Not only this there are several others games which ought to develop the mental ability and IQ of an individual. There are many countries who are engaged in promoting their image as the land of diverse games and sports. Today most of the countries invest bulky amounts of money in order to boost the sporting culture in their respective territory. Similarly, the scenario is same in India, where the people and country itself has a great sporting history.

India changes in the trend of games and its culture

There are a number of games played in the country in both the segments i.e. Indoor and outdoor games. The country has delivered lots of quality in their pursuit to carry out the games to the every corner of the world. There is no doubt that the country’s national game is Kabbadi, but most of the people and even the Government of India pays more attention to the Cricket due to its international popularity on the world stage. Today India ranks as the top team in the Test cricket and second in the ODI cricket, but what about the rest of the games? The question is still need to be answered by the authorities.

Games played in India

Indoor games

• Chess
• Badminton
• Table tennis
• Gymnastics
• Snooker
• Billiards etc.

Outdoor games

• Cricket
• Football
• Kho-kho
• Kabbadi (both indoor and outdoor)
• Boat racing etc.

The above-mentioned games are generally given to produce a clear and crystal scenario about the types and form of games played in the country. But, not all the games are popular except Cricket for its international position and popularity in the world of cricket. The scenario is changing, the shifting of interest towards other games is visible as a government is making efforts to promote the image of the country on the world stage. For example VishwanathanAnand Chess Master, God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar, SaniaNehawalthe girl who grabbed the No. 1 position in the ranking of WBF, significant performance in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, SAARC games, Cricket and much more.

sporting effective country

Participation of the Government

In India Ministry of Youth and Sports used to take care of the games and sports played in the country. Presently Vijay Goyel is the minister who has given the independent charge to boost the sporting culture in India and make a prominent remark in the world stage. There is a number of authorized body who are established individually to take off the interest of the sports personalities and their interests towards the games. Despite the presence of such powerful authorities the funds available and allocated for them is quite a bit low which makes the country more vulnerable and acute to produce bright and dynamic sportsperson like Sania Mirza, Milka Singh popular as The Flying Sikh and many. The solution is here is that the country must fight against:

• Corruption
• Illegal activities
• Improper mechanism to arrange international stage at pro stage
• Allocating and constant follow-up of funds

In order to boost the country image in the world stage and performance in the game of diverse game of sports.

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