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In an age of amusement where Vampires and crime dramas are centre stage, where the hell are all the zombies? We’re in definite need of an apocalyptic atmosphere, and AMC is place to offer us with its forthcoming series The Walking Dead. Airing Halloween night, The Walking Dead is based on a really long running comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. The comics Center about the trials and tribulations of both Rick Grimes and also a small group of survivors following a zombie epidemic. What begins as an easy journey to locate his wife and boy, the show quickly grows into a story of betrayal and survival in a universe of psychopaths and killers.

Originally a Working a little town police officer, is injured in a gun battle with a priest. Falling into a coma, he afterwards awakens into his hospital bed lost and oblivious of the current advancements which have befallen the world. He eventually meets an older guy and his son, and decides to set out to Atlanta to locate his very own family. Though this stunt almost gets him killed, he finally meets up with a ragtag group of survivors and can be reunited with his wife and son. After that, The Walking Dead turns to a pursuit through hell and higher water to direct a celebration of exhausted, homesick, distressed individuals to salvation.

One defining characteristic of this comic Series is the quantity of inner conflict and strife between the survivors. Within this world of rust, things are incredibly tough to live with, and odds of survival are limited. Everybody in the story is painfully conscious of the reality (one chief method of preventing zombies would be to rub yourself using their beef ), and it burns them day in and day out. It could be a fantastic disservice to the novels if the tv series doesn’t bring this to the forefront. They have to show a lot of battle, not only with all the masses of undead but in each character too. Watch the walking dead online to know more about it.

It’s interesting to note that at a Recent interview with Robert Kirkman, he let slip that there’ll be some non-comic narrative elements worked , and the show will finish on some kind of cliffhanger that was not featured in the comic books. If anything, it’ll be intriguing to understand how the new areas of the narrative is going to be incorporated into the six event series.

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