Why should you use essential oils on your baby?

By essential oils is meant highly concentrated liquids that get extracted from berries, plant material-bark, roots, leaves, twigs or seeds that are created in many different ways. However, the most common form is the steam distillation, and in this, pressurized steam gets passed via plant materials, thus causing oils to evaporate. The resulting combination of oil plus steam gets reduced back into a liquid where the oil gets skimmed off. Plants which are very fragile are used for steam distillation, like orange blossom, jasmine, and rose and their oils are extracted through solvents.


Oils that get produced by this technique are known as absolutes, and they are commonly used in diffusers or perfumes as the solvent residue makes them inappropriate for topical use. Babies, who are older than three months can be applied baby essential oils and it encourages sleep, lessens anxiety and even soothes the signs of colic. However, before you use this oil on your baby, you must have a detailed understanding of the dilution proportions plus application processes. As essential oils baby are widely accessible today, but you must check the product levels for ensuring that you have been using an authentic, pure, and unadulterated essential oil.

Are essential oils helpful to the babies?

Using these oils for your baby’s requirements has become hugely popular but before you buy, you ought to do some research. For this, you must consider the cause for using this oil on your baby; whether it is for relaxation, colic or sleep. After you have decided on this, you need to select the ideal oil for catering to your baby’s needs. The most important thing in this context is considering the appropriate dosage. There are many oils available. Amongst them, some oils are safe for use on an infant who hasn’t yet attained the age of three months. However, if you are doubtful, then it is better not to use it.

Use of lavender oil

If you wish to know about calm baby essential oil, then lavender oil must be mentioned. Even if your baby is too small, say about three months old only, then also you can use lavender on him. You should introduce the aroma gradually to your baby, and you can place lavender on a cloth or tissue and place it near the baby when it is feeding or before its bedtime. For infants of aged three to six months, lemon, neroli, and bergamot are some of the finest oils which can be utilized for nausea or for soothing the baby.

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